Open Mind

Open Mind Services Limited is an experienced KPO in the field of Healthcare servicing over 10 Lakh patients on a range of Therapy and profile.

Specialized Services

An empathetic and compassionate Help Line for Renal Patients, Diabetics, Ortho Patients, Heart Patients and Cancer Patients.

Cost Reduction

Automated appointment management system and outsourcing of transactional and appointment related processes result in huge savings.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Zero tolerance policy towards any data storing device- even emails and printers- ensures your sensitive data remains that way.

Tele Health India Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Clients really are a mirror to how much a company is successful in achieving it’s mission. Here are a few words from our clients:

“Right from training the call center staff, monitoring call effectiveness, continuous improvement in the software, the Open Mind team was very committed and competent.”- Arunesh Punetha, Ex-Baxter

“Naveen and his team are able to adapt and customize very well to unique situations and then take it to the next level”- Hari Abburi, Ex- Baxter, Ex-Walmart

  • Empathetic & Compassionate 100%
  • Flexible but Committed 80%
  • Efficient & Effective 99%

Patient Relationship Management

PRM systems help build long-term customer relationships. In turn, patients get accustomed to dealing with a hospital that proactively understands and serves their needs.

Patient Relationship Management

Outbound Calling

With fierce competition in healthcare, medical institutions and hospitals need to renew their bond with technology to offer services in a proactive manner. Our Outbound Calling Services include calling for appointment reminders, OPD feedback and surgical filtering.


Observation & Achievements

  • Achieved optimum footfall in the hospital.
  • Patients were happy and appreciated the fact that the hospital contacted them
  • Wastage of Appointment Slots reduced

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