Open Mind is an experienced KPO in the field of Healthcare servicing over 10 Lakh patients on a range of Therapy and profile.

In today’s complex marketing world, many healthcare institutions and centers are expanding their network by making healthcare feasible for all. Open Mind in its endeavor to provide backend services to these service providers have created strong backbone of Agents and software’s to take care of the long list of patients.

We believe that a Happy Patient = a Happy Doctor.

Patients have all the right to be cared and assessed by the health care providers post their discharge or when they are away from the hospital.

Open Mind combines the Telecom/internet technology along with well trained agents to support such patients and eventually benefiting all in the process.

Since 2007, Open Mind has successfully been able to help Healthcare service providers in the field of Nephrology, Eye Care, Mother and Child Care, Diabetes Management and many other therapies.

We have a strong system of Training’s, wherein each and every agent is given regular training’s on Empathy skills and special attention is given to the way a patient is approached and talked to. With the help of special in-house developed software’s we keep a track on the types of calls received from the patients and the kind of resolution being given to them.