Tele Health Case Studies

As we all know, a Happy Patient Leads To a Happy Doctor.

Keeping this in mind, XYZ Hospital realized the benefits of deploying PRM (Patient Relationship Management) systems that would help them build long-term customer relationships. In turn, patients would get accustomed to dealing with a hospital that proactively understands and serves their needs.

They looked at taking assistance from a KPO to cater to various processes that could help them streamline their procedures as well as build a lasting relationship with their patients(both OPD as well as IPD), using voice facility.


The client was facing a difficulty in the Appointment management system for the OPD Patients. Appointments were being given and managed internally. A lot of patients did not turn up in spite of taking an appointment leading to a slot being wasted. It was felt that all these appointments could be very well managed and coordinated by a Call center and this call center could also help in appointment rescheduling using con call facility.

Another requirement was, taking a feedback from the OPD patients post their visit to the hospital. This was important to analyze the patient’s perspective on the kind of services, treatment and facilities available at the hospital. A major chunk of business for the hospital comes from the IPD patients. Hence besides a feedback from the OPD Patients, it was also important for the hospital to contact patients who were advised surgery but did not get it done.

This contact would help the hospital in:

  • Reminding the patient about his surgery
  • Understanding why the patient did not come
  • Making a note of patient grievances
  • Trying to sort out the problems
  • Rescheduling IPD appointments if desired
  • This in turn would help in driving some of the patients back to the hospital.


The client study was done and a comprehensive solution was provided to Optimize, and efficiently manage the appointment management system.

This was designed to give better experience to the patient. While designing it was kept in mind to give management various MIS reports which can help them take future decisions and improve the services of hospital.


1)     Appointment Management / Cancellation / Date Change

2)     Complaint Management

3)     Diet Counseling

4)     Psychiatric Counseling

5)      Query Resolution


1)     Appointment Reminders

2)     Feedback and Complaint Management

3)     Promotions

4)     Calling for surgical filtering


a)      Data is sent to Open Mind on a daily basis from the Appointment scheduling desk.

b)      All patients are called from Open Mind and reminded about their appointments.

c)      Patients who need assistance in reaching the hospitals are helped by giving directions over the call.

d)      Patients whose numbers are not reachable are sent an sms with details of their appointment date and time.

e)       In case patients want to reschedule their appointment, a con call is arranged between the patient and the hospital’s appointment management desk and a fresh appointment is given.


  • The process helped the hospital to achieve optimum footfall in the hospital.
  • The patients were happy and appreciated the fact that the hospital contacted them.
  • Lesser number of patients dropped out without information
  • Lesser appointment slots got wasted


  • An SMS will be sent to each patient giving a detail of their appointment date and time
  • SMS for appointment reminder


  • Data received on a daily basis
  • Data is 2-3 days old
  • Calling is started in the morning.
  • 6 Questions are asked over the call
  • Feedback is documented in an MIS format
  • Complaints are forwarded EOD.
  • Consolidated file with summary is sent at the end of each month.