1)    Arunesh Punetha, Ex-Baxter, Current  Facility Director, Naryana Hrudayalaya Hospital

“Naveen from Open Mind has possibly developed one of the most complete and comprehensive software for chronic kidney disease patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis as a maintenance therapy. Today the software has been in existence for more than 5 years and has been an incredible, invaluable boon for the patients as well as for Baxter India Private Limited. Naveen and team had been extremely diligent and meticulous in constructing the service platform, considering the innumerable variables that come into play in supporting and treating chronic kidney disease. Right from training the call centre staff, monitoring call effectiveness, continuous improvement in the software, the Open Mind team was very committed and competent. I am sure Open Mind is amongst the best you can get when you`re looking at solutions for managing chronic therapies”

2)     Hari Abburi, Ex- Baxter,Ex-Wallmart

“I met Naveen first in an earlier assignment in the Healthcare Industry. He and his team set up a chronic care patient management system that gave superior patient service as well as service efficiencies. This was a first by itself in India. Then he set up an employee services center. This changed the fundamentals to data/analytics driven people management. In both the cases, technology was combined with field force in a very innovative manner leading to outstanding results. He and his team are able to adapt and customize very well to unique situations and then take it to the next level”

3)   Kunal Ashok,AVP-Marketing &    Communications, Davita Nephrolife

“True to its name, Open Mind understands the needs of a growing organization and can fine tune their services to our needs. Rakhi and Naveen are seasoned professionals who are able to provide the no-compromise quality of service. I look forward to expanding the range of services they handle for our organization.”